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 Inauguration Day

A novel of terrorism, espionage, romance, and fast-moving international political intrigue.The Mexican drug cartels threatened by the US president's initiative to wage a real war on drugs, finance a radical Islamist group to assassinate the president of the United States. The Islamists, with the help of Iran, introduce chemical agents and plan to strike on Inauguration Day. Laura Atwood, the sexy CIA agent, teams up with journalist Chris Clayborne to prevent the attack. They are constantly one step behind Omar, the terrorist, across three continents in this fast-paced novel that is guaranteed to have you sitting on the edge of your seat

Islam Without a Veil

At the height of the Cold War US President John F. Kennedy stood in front of the Berlin Wall and addressed the world: "There are some who say that communism is the wave of the future. Let them come to Berlin.

Today, the threat of communism has dissipated after the Soviet Union imploded, giving way to a new cold war, between Islam and the rest of the world. Ever since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 by 19 Muslim terrorists, Islam has come under the spotlight and what emerged was not a pretty picture. Hijackings, bombings, beheadings, suicide fanatics who killed scores of innocents, including women and children, slaughtered other Muslims Nineteen men was all it took to stain the name of one of the world's three great religions and to open a schism between the East and the West, between the Judeo-Christian West and the mostly Muslim East. However, true Islam offers a very different picture.

To paraphrase President Kennedy let me say those of you who believe that there cannot be a gentler, kinder and more pragmatic face of Islam, let them come to Kazakhstan.

While the Arab  World Slept the impact of the Bush years on the Middle East

Since the beginning of time predicting the future has always been one of man's strongest desires. He has employed scientists and charlatans who in turn used everything from sophisticated mega-computers to black magic. All have proven equally useless. There is

however one method of predicting the future that has proven almost infallible, especially when it come to predicting the future in the Middle East; it's called a history book.

The Bush administration's intent - to bring democracy to the Middle East was a noble concept. It was the way in which they went about it that was flawed. This book looks back at the Bush years and examines what went wrong. It also looks at why the United State is the only possible peace broker in the Palestinian-Israeli dispute.

Black September to Desert Storm is a book about the backstage of war.

It is easy to read and instructive not only about the comlex issue of the Middle East but also about Middle Easterns themselves. Most of all it shows through one journalist what covering comlex news events could look like.

Nobody can reveal the absurd and totally surealistic face of war better than a news photographer.

One might find it hard to laugh about events that shook the world with horror, but Salhani shows you how strange enough even in the hardest situations some humour is hidden. Professionals who hop from one war to another mentally survive by cherishing that side.

One might find it even harder to imagine that the most feared terrorist, soldier of fortune or sniper,can also have a human side to him.

The Iraq War

Washington Post publisher Phillip Graham famously remarked that "journalists write the first rough draft of history." Martin Walker, United Press International's chief diplomatic correspondent, has collected some of the best writing on the events leading up to the Iraq War, detailed descriptions of combat operations of each day of the war, and firsthand accounts of the conflict's immediate aftermath. Walker presents the war precisely as it was reported by the world-renowned UPI correspondents. Illustrated with world-class photojournalism, this volume will preserve forever the drama of this historic undertaking. Claude Salhani is a contributing author.